Native Americans have a long standing tradition of spirituality. This existed prior to European contact with various ceremonies that were steeped in the practices of tradition related to individual tribes. This was changed over time with the practice of more contemporary religions. Today, many Native Americans practice a form of faith related to modern religious worship. Below are a list of faith institutions that welcome Native American worshipers. This is not an endorsement of these institutions and you may find other faith institutions that may be more suitable to your individual needs.


Capital City Church of God

Temple of Pentecost

Pullen Baptist Church

Raleigh Mennonite Church


The Capital Church 

Shiloh Baptist 



Hocutt Baptist


Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church


The Summit

*Some Native Americans in the Raleigh area may choose to participate in other forms of

spirituality (nature walks, individual meditation, or other forms of individual/group ceremonies).