North Carolina Celebrates Indigenous People’s Day 2020

Thank you, Governor Roy Cooper of the State of North Carolina for issuing this Indigenous  People’s Day Proclamation! October 12th is Indigenous Peoples Day in North Carolina! Reach the proclamation below:

1 thought on “North Carolina Celebrates Indigenous People’s Day 2020”

  1. The honorable Governor Roy Cooper notes this day as a Special Event. Yet, in my blood I feel everyday that a native is honored in good words that is a great day! Long years have your ancestors fought for dignity and pride. There are many tribes but our spilled blood is all Red. From the East Coast where the first ships came to the West Coast where they tried to drive the natives into the sea, they prevailed but at a deadly cost. So many lives removed to walk with their forefathers by the millions who were abused and killed. Yes, it will take time to heal as a people, but they must to move forward to a better life for all. Our struggle is with ourselves to move forward together brothers. For in togetherness we need an ear and a voice in the local, state and federal institutions to make a change. You are a proud people who need to stand strong. You don’t need a paper to say you were once great, but are still great today. You are the “sons and daughters of the True Men of Honor” who helped forged this nation forward. They cannot be forgotten or written out of history as they did not exist. Have faith and pride that without you, they could not exist. Good words have always been as simple as “duyuktv,” the right way, to become a “Ani-Yvwiya,” real person. We must achieve that honor of respect. With much Happiness and Pride or a-li-he-li-tsi-da-s-di and a-tlv-quo-dv, we thank the Governor.

    A. Joyner


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